Data SGP and Percentile Rank Tables

Data sgp is an excellent tool for understanding student performance and growth. It combines an easily understood percentile rank report with the ability to create custom reports for students or teachers. Using this information can help teachers determine whether a student’s performance is progressing as expected and may help them tailor their instruction. The sgpData package also contains several other useful tables, including ones that provide teacher and class level statistics, and an instructor number table that displays the names of teachers assigned to test records.

SGP analyses work best when the results are presented in terms of percentile ranks, which are familiar to teachers and parents alike. The sgpData package includes several percentile rank tables, which outline the extent to which a student’s performance is above or below that of his or her academic peers. These tables can be a valuable resource to both teachers and families, as they will allow them to make better informed decisions about how to support a student’s learning.

Percentile rank reports provide an easy-to-read way for educators to compare a students’ performance to that of their peers nationally, at the district, school, or class levels. Using the sgpData_PERCENTILE function in this data set/function package combination, teachers can generate percentile report cards for individual students, showing the students’ performance on assessments and highlighting areas of strength and need. This information can then be shared with students and their families, allowing them to make sense of their progress in classes and tailor future lessons.

The sgpData_PERCENTILE exemplar data set includes five years of annual, vertically scaled assessment data in LONG format. It serves as an example of how to organize assessment data in a manner that is compatible with the lower level SGP functions studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections. It also serves as an model for the formatting of data sets that will be used with these higher level SGP functions.

To view the sgp data in the sgpdata_PERCENTILE table, click on the name of the column you wish to sort by and then select the sort method you would like to use (e.g., ascending or descending). A chart will appear showing the data for the selected column. The chart can be saved for further analysis or printed. To print the entire sgpdata_PERCENTILE chart, right-click on the chart and select “Print Chart”. This will open a new window with a PDF version of the complete chart. You can then save the file or print it as needed. You can also choose to download the sgpdata_PERCENTILE spreadsheet and save it to your computer for future reference. If you’d prefer to use this chart offline, click the download icon below the graph. Then you can access it anytime by selecting the link in your web browser.