Singapore Pools – What You Need to Know

Singapore pools is an organization established by the government to control illegal gambling among Singaporeans. It is a subsidiary of Tote Board and operates under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Finance. It conducts 250 draws annually to attract more participants and generate more revenue.

In 2019, the company collected close to S$9bn. Of this amount, 70% was returned to players and the rest was given to charity and government funds. These contributions benefit education, health, community development and sport sectors.

This year, the company also expanded its offerings with new games and services. It now offers more than 300 e-games and more than 400 live games at its venues. These games include keno, 4D and sports betting. It also has a mobile app for its customers to place their bets. Moreover, Singapore Pools is the first lottery operator in Asia to introduce a televised draw.

The company has several values that it adheres to, including respect, innovation, customer care, and the common goal of a safe and fun gaming experience. The company is also committed to promoting responsible gambling and protecting its users’ privacy. It is certified by the World Lottery Association as a responsible gaming company and has WLA Responsible Gambling Framework Level 4.

You can buy Singapore Pools tickets online or at any Singapore Pools outlet. You can use your credit or debit card to pay for the tickets and you can also track your transactions through the PoolzConnect Member Website. You can also withdraw your winnings in cash. However, you must have a valid PIN to do so.

Singapore Pools has a simple and easy-to-use website that is designed to meet the needs of its customers. Its customer service team is ready to answer your queries via phone or email. You can also get information about the latest jackpots, games and promotions from the site.

Moreover, you can play TOTO and 4D games online on the official website of Singapore Pools. You can also check the odds of a game before you place your bets. In addition to TOTO and 4D, Singapore Pools also offers a variety of other bets, including the Cascade Prize numbers. You can purchase these bets from the Singapore Pools outlet, authorized agents, selected 7-Eleven stores, and Cheers stores located within Esso service stations.

Beware of scammers who may contact you through letter, SMS, email or social media to impersonate Singapore Pools personnel and request your personal information. These scammers can then resell your personal details to others for a fee or to use it for illicit activities. You can report any suspicious messages or call to the Singapore Pools Customer Care Centre at 1800-778-2222. The site will then investigate the incident. You can also sign up for alerts to receive updates on the latest news from Singapore Pools. In addition, you can also register at a Singapore Pools outlet or through the MyInfo website with Singpass to ensure that your identity is protected.