Media report from the Jahorina Economic Forum 2018

The Association of Economists of Republic of Srpska – SWOT – under the auspice of the President of Republic of Srpska, has organized the Jahorina Economic Forum 2018 on the 3rd and the 4th of May 2018, titled “Regional cooperation as an important lever of economic development for SEE countries”.
The Forum brought together more than 450 domestic and foreign businessmen, financial experts, university professors, Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina officials, and representatives of the diplomatic corps (the number is the same as last year due to limited capacity). Among the present were, Ana Brnabic – Prime Minister of Republic of Serbia, Zeljka Cvijanovic – Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik – President of Republic of Srpska, Dragan Čovic – Croatian member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Hercegovina, ministers from the region, representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the academic community and many businessmen.

Media effects of the Jahorina Economic Forum 2017. and 2018. – Key Indicators

This year’s Jahorina Economic Forum received a significant media coverage.
Media sponsors of the Forum were: RTRS, Glas Srpske, Nezavisne novine, ELTA TV and Akta; and what is new in 2018., is that they were joined by the Belgrade’s Weekly NIN, Euroblic, Večernje novosti (Serbia edition), Metromedia and portal Srpska Kafe.
We particularly highlight the joining of NIN and Večernje novosti to the media sponsorship which certainly had an impact on the significant increase of interest for the Forum in Serbia.
This is the overview of the most important media coverages,

  • RTRS (Public broadcaster of Republic of Srpska) – There were two 10minutes appearances in April, dedicated to Jahorina Economic Forum in the TV Program “Srpska Danas” which broadcasted at 5:00PM and two appearances in the “Jutarnji program” of the same TV Station.
  • RTRS – There is a complete program “Postfaktum” with a 45 minute duration, that was broadcasted at 9:00PM, dedicated to Jahorina Economic Forum.
  • Alternativna TV (One of the most watched TV stations in Republic of Srpska) – Organized four, 10 to 15 minutes long, appearances in the TV Program “5do7” which is broadcasted just before the central news.
  • Alternativna TV – An episode of TV Program “Amplituda”, which is broadcasted at 9:00PM, was completely dedicated to Jahorina Economic Forum.
  • This year’s Opening Ceremony of Jahorina Economic Forum was broadcasted live on RTRS, and was also being broadcasted by TV station N1.
  • What’s new on this year’s Forum, is that half of the panels were directly transmitted via the social network Facebook and all panels were filmed and posted on the Jahorina Economic Forum website.
  • Printed media published a larger number of PR articles dedicated to Jahorina Economic Forum. We emphasize the announcement texts published by NIN about the Jahorina Economic Forum and the interviews of distinguished lecturers published in Nezavisne Novine and Glas Srpske.

Publication in figures:

  • Total number of publications is 650.
  • Number of publications in media in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 456
  • Number of publications in media in Serbia is 194
  • Number of positive publications is 381
  • Number of neutral publications is 269

Some of the publications from the Jahorina Economic Forum 2018 can be seen under the submenus: Television, Press and Web.

Complete analysis of media reports for 2017 and 2018 can be seen here.